Maribeth started indoor cycling when a close friend asked her to join her at My Ride back in 2015. Once she started, Maribeth spent a lot of one on one time with Glenda Vito-Cruz and Nicole Whaley and was coached by Mike Yaba and Charlie Watts. “They believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. For that I am forever grateful.”
Her indoor cycling goals are to stay consistent and always follow through. She loves to sweat because it cleanses the whole body. Maribeth cycles because of the way it makes her feel after class is finished. She feels accomplished, strong and satisfied! She likes to say "cycle like it's your last class." Maribeth describes her class as “just dancing” and feeling the music. Her favorite move is the push up and tap back combo and she enjoys all genres of music. Personally, Maribeth’s goal for members is to encourage and motivate other riders/members because we are ALL in this together. She reminds the riders in her class to take care of their temple because someone is counting on them.

Maribeth spends her day as a Medical Receptionist at Atlantic Shores Retirement Community. She loves her church and spending time with her family. She has 2 beautiful (adult) daughters and a husband who are her inspiration and a constant reminder of why she does everything. She lives by the rule of moving with purpose, being intentional and following through.