Lizzie began her fitness journey at MY Ride to reach her own personal health and fitness goals. She was a brand new rider who felt the energy both inside and outside the room, and she immediately became addicted. “The first ride may have been a struggle; however, I kept wanting to come back so I could get the hang of it!” Eventually she became a daily MY Rider who not only came in for the energy on the bike,  but also to give everyone around her even more energy and motivation to complete their own health goals. As a natural motivator and leader, Lizzie took on the challenge of becoming an instructor, beginning with obtaining her Mad Dogg Instructor Certification. Once certified and after completing the MY Ride Instructor Training, Lizzie took over Friday night and Saturday mornings and brings her upbeat, shining, and smiley personality into every class she teaches. As her ambition and love for MY Ride continued to grow, she felt she could always do more, which led to her promotion to Assistant Manager. 

Outside of the studio, she is extremely involved with her family, her husband and two boys. She is the PTA President for her boys’ school, tries to make it to every single baseball game they have, and even practices playlists for her classes with them! On top of everything she does, she continues to be the best event planner and organizer we know! If you go to a fantastic social meet-up, she may have had something to do with it! Even with her full-time career and all the responsibilities and tasks she completes every day, this super-woman still does every single thing in her life with a smile!