Kelley, a.k.a., "EY", came to MY Ride in 2015 after her friends encouraged her for several months to try an indoor cycling class with them. She was a yoga and gym junkie and really preferred the weightlifting scene over anything remotely resembling cardio exercise. Her first indoor cycling class at MY Ride left her feeling like there was more to life than just lifting weights, and suddenly she was hooked on the MY Ride indoor cycling scene. Then after trying the circuit classes, she eventually ended up cancelling her gym membership and signing on to MY Ride for all her fitness needs. “There is so much about MY Ride that drew me in: the circuit conditioning classes, the lights, the music, the sweat, the moves… but most of all, I found that the members and staff are all so welcoming, and they quickly became an extended family to me. And I see that every time someone new walks in our door. We welcome you, and we genuinely want to know you and watch you excel.”

After a year of encouragement from staff and MY Ride members to become an instructor, EY finally took the leap of faith, obtained her Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor Certification, and was mentored by the best instructors in Hampton Roads at MY Ride. “This journey is one I never thought I’d walk, but after riding in that saddle nearly every day for three years, I realized it was time to give back the way MY Ride gave to me – to ignite a passion for fitness and foster a love for indoor cycling and circuit training in others.”

Outside of MY Ride, EY is a CEN-certified Emergency and ICU-specialized RN. Her entire life is dedicated to saving lives with her ICU Team and promoting overall health and well-being everywhere she goes. “I encourage and welcome people to talk all things health and fitness with me. It’s my passion!”

She also likes puppies and long walks on the beach.