Glenda began indoor cycling as a member and was so successful she was volunteered to become an instructor! She began cycling a supplement to running because of lingering injuries from running. Glenda loves the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at MY Ride- the ability to shut the door, be present, and focus on oneself for 45 minutes is her biggest draw.
Her class is upbeat and fun while still challenging and empowering. She loves a wide variety of music and enjoys low hovers with two inch push-ups. She loves “to do arms all day every day!” Glenda is a Schwinn certified instructor whose sole purpose in teaching is to make sure that the members are having a good time and enjoyable experience.
Glenda works as a Physical Therapist and is a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic. She engages in all types of activities such as rock climbing and obstacle runs. You can also find her in group circuit classes, bootcamp, or monthly challenges at MY Ride.