Charlie at one point weighed 233 pounds had high cholesterol, smoked and drank. His doctor told him he had a choice to either live a healthier lifestyle or have a heart attack. He decided he owed it to his family and hisself to make a change. He found indoor cycling and was hooked instantly. His favorite class back in the day was Mike's Saturday morning class. Within the first year he dropped 60 pounds, quit smoking, drinking and his doctor took him off his high cholesterol meds. He loves the way it makes him feel and the positive atmosphere that surrounds it. He also loves the great people he gets to meet. He travels frequently and no matter where he goes he can walk into a spin class and feel that same positive energy.

Outside of MY Ride, Charlie is a building consultant and an insurance estimator for Atlantic Estimating. When not riding or working, Charlie is a SCUBA diver and a part of the Virginia Aquarium dive team. He and his amazing wife have three boys and live in Virginia Beach.