Our Team

Mike Yaba, Owner
Cycling Instructor, Personal Trainer

Mike was overweight and needed to change his lifestyle. He took his first cycling class in 2009 and instantly started to see results. Cycling helped him shed the pounds and motivated him to work harder. He enjoyed the classes so much that he knew he wanted to instruct and share his own personal weight loss success story by motivating others by example. Cycling not only changed his life but took him to a new career in fitness. Mike loves the feeling you get after a great class, heart pumping, the energy is soaring, everyone is so happy. He loves watching every single member get results because of MY Ride.
Mike is the owner MY Ride and describes his class style as being full of high energy; motivational, deep inside your mind and soul kind of workout. His favorite moves are sprints, tap backs and hovers. He likes to play and jam to dance & club in his classes.

Mike has various certifications:

  • Mad Dogg Athletics Cycling Certification
  • The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Personal Trainer Certification
  • Schwinn Cycling Classic Instructor Certification
  • Pound Pro Certification

Mike opened MY Ride in January 2014. Prior to that, he received his MAD Dogg cycling certification in 2009 and started instructing at a local gym. He was promoted to Manager but still taught cycling classes and continued personal training. A few years later, Mike was recruited to help two investors open a specialized indoor cycling facility. He managed, trained instructors and instructed numerous classes weekly. A year and half later, Mike opened his own indoor cycling and fitness studio. His idea was to offer more options for members such as different types of cycling classes, various cycling levels, as well as fitness programs such as MY Circuit and personal training to accompany indoor cycling. What MY Ride offers is not only an indoor cycling facility but an all-around group fitness under one roof. Mike's personal fitness goals are to allow each member to reset their mind about fitness. To help motivate members to achieve the results that they cannot achieve on their own. To help them plan a moderately-intense full body program to slowly, and progressively get them into enjoying their workouts and seeing the results from their hard work. His philosophy is simple: Be In It For the Long Run! Never Quit! Realize that fitness should be a lifetime commitment with ever-changing goals and expectations.

By the way...don't tell anyone but he loves pizza!!!

Connie, Co-Owner
Cycling Instructor

Connie began indoor cycling in the 90’s while a close friend was instructing.  Fast forward twenty years and she was hooked when she was introduced to the MY Pulse format.  Similarly, she was introduced to Pound Fit while on vacation and immediately fell in love and brought the format back as MY Pound. She loves both workouts because they allow her to shake off whatever ails her and put her in a happy place.  She says “it’s the ultimate way to clear your head and keep you feeling your best.”

Connie loves fast-paced and upbeat music and likes to be up out of the saddle or pounding it out.   Her class style is fun, full of energy, and will send you away feeling great!!!  She is Schwinn and Pound Pro certified.  Connie wants each member to experience and embrace the positive changes either physically or mentally that will come from the commitment and hard work they put into achieving their personal fitness goals. Members will work hard, have fun, and won’t be able to wait to come back for more.

Connie enjoys telecommuting as a Facility Contract Manager and spending time with her wonderful family when she is not at the studio.  She is an amazing member of management and treats every member and employee with dignity and respect.  Her energy is infectious and she is the glue that holds MY Ride together.


Cycling Instructor

Charlie at one point weighed 233 pounds had high cholesterol, smoked and drank. His doctor told him he had a choice to either live a healthier lifestyle or have a heart attack. He decided he owed it to his family and hisself to make a change. He found indoor cycling and was hooked instantly. His favorite class back in the day was Mike's Saturday morning class. Within the first year he dropped 60 pounds, quit smoking, drinking and his doctor took him off his high cholesterol meds. He loves the way it makes him feel and the positive atmosphere that surrounds it. He also loves the great people he gets to meet. He travels frequently and no matter where he goes he can walk into a spin class and feel that same positive energy.

Outside of MY Ride, Charlie is a building consultant and an insurance estimator for Atlantic Estimating. When not riding or working, Charlie is a SCUBA diver and a part of the Virginia Aquarium dive team. He and his amazing wife have three boys and live in Virginia Beach.


Cycling Instructor

Glenda began indoor cycling as a member and was so successful she was volunteered to become an instructor! She began cycling a supplement to running because of lingering injuries from running. Glenda loves the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at MY Ride- the ability to shut the door, be present, and focus on oneself for 45 minutes is her biggest draw.
Her class is upbeat and fun while still challenging and empowering. She loves a wide variety of music and enjoys low hovers with two inch push-ups. She loves “to do arms all day every day!” Glenda is a Schwinn certified instructor whose sole purpose in teaching is to make sure that the members are having a good time and enjoyable experience.
Glenda works as a Physical Therapist and is a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic. She engages in all types of activities such as rock climbing and obstacle runs. You can also find her in group circuit classes, bootcamp, or monthly challenges at MY Ride.


Cycling Instructor

“Work hard, play hard – no excuses!” These are the words that Jaq lives by. Jaq started indoor cycling 13 years ago and has been at MY Ride since 2016. Not only does Jaq hold a Masters in Exercise Science but she is also boasts certifications and accolades as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Penn State Fitness Instructor, Silver Sneakers and AFAA Spin. Jaq describes her classes as challenging and fun and loves rock out to 80’s and 90’s pop/rock! Jaq wants to encourage members to show up to a class and dedicate themselves to long term fitness goals.

When not at MY Ride she spends her day doing what she loves the most, being a mom and spending time with her family and their furry kids. She also loves to train for events like the Spartan, Tough Mudder and J&A Races, not to mention picking out the fun costumes/onesies for the events!


Personal Trainer

Jason has a lifelong pursuit of health and fitness, endeavoring to help others to their self-improvement goals. His philosophy is to motivate, coach, and mentor members to attaining personal goals.
When not at MY Ride, you can find Jason performing Turkish Get Ups while listening to 80s and 90s rock music mixed with a little bit of country.
Jason is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelors of Exercise Science from Old Dominion University. His personal motto is “learn, adapt, progress.”


Cycling Instructor

Jen has always been active. From a young age she was involved in sports including field hockey, soccer and running. She has had a passion for fitness which led her to obtain her group fitness instructor certification in the late 90's. Over the years, Jen has instructed various types of classes like boot camp, boxing, body pump and spin for the Virginia Beach Recreation Centers, Wareing’s Gym and Inlet Fitness. After taking a few classes at MY Ride, she absolutely LOVED the energy and passion of the team and its members. That feeling inspired her to become certified with Schwinn Cycling. “I knew MY Ride was where I wanted to lead clients to their personal fitness goals and make them have a FUN sweat. Music is key when you are on the bike for 45mins--I play it all!” Jen encourages people who have been apprehensive to attend to come try a class. “My goal is to make clients feel comfortable with trying something new that is healthy yet challenging no matter what age or fitness level.”
Outside the studio, Jen is a surgical device representative, enjoys traveling with her husband and spoiling their two dogs. You will often see her and her husband paddle boarding, running on the beach (or local race), swimming in the ocean or biking at First Landing State Park.


Personal Trainer

Kelly has always been active, including playing soccer at High Point and Old Dominion University. She has had a passion for fitness since having her first child 18 years ago. Kelly has five children and has lost over 300 pounds between all of her pregnancies. Kelly believes that anyone at any age or fitness level can achieve their goals and dreams. She feels that helping people in their fitness journey is not just a job, but it is a privilege to help others.
Kelly loves MY Ride because the classes are fun, innovative, and motivational. The members are excited to exercise and genuinely want to be there. So many of the members have made lasting friendships with the people they have met at the studio.
Kelly is a certified personal trainer through World Instructor Training School. She also is an indoor cycling, kickboxing, circuit training, Tabata and TRX instructor.


Cycling Instructor

Maribeth started indoor cycling when a close friend asked her to join her at My Ride back in 2015. Once she started, Maribeth spent a lot of one on one time with Glenda Vito-Cruz and Nicole Whaley and was coached by Mike Yaba and Charlie Watts.  “They believed in me when I didn't believe in myself.  For that I am forever grateful.”
Her indoor cycling goals are to stay consistent and always follow through. She loves to sweat because it cleanses the whole body. Maribeth cycles because of the way it makes her feel after class is finished. She feels accomplished, strong and satisfied! She likes to say "cycle like it's your last class." Maribeth describes her class as “just dancing” and feeling the music. Her favorite move is the push up and tap back combo and she enjoys all genres of music. Personally, Maribeth’s goal for members is to encourage and motivate other riders/members because we are ALL in this together.  She reminds the riders in her class to take care of their temple because someone is counting on them.

Maribeth spends her day as a Medical Receptionist at Atlantic Shores Retirement Community. She loves her church and spending time with her family.  She has 2 beautiful (adult) daughters and a husband who are her inspiration and a constant reminder of why she does everything. She lives by the rule of moving with purpose, being intentional and following through.

Mike D

Cycling Instructor

Mike got started in spinning in 2016, after being trained by Jaq (they later, dated and married). Mike lives by the rule of “Go Big or Go Home!” and loves anything running or competition related like the Spartan, burying the opposition in a trial. Mike wants MY Ride members to come out and commit, he wants to see you dig deep and watch yourself break through all the boundaries. Mike’s classes are like a rock-out dance party on a bike and his favorite move is Hover Jumps.

When he’s not on a bike, Mike is an Attorney and Counselor at Law. He loves running and ethnic foods, but his biggest love is spending time with his wife Jaq, their daughter and their furry kids.


Cycling Instructor

Paula tried indoor cycling in 2015 to manage stress of being a single parent and a full time student while working. She immediately experienced better sleep, increased energy, and weight loss. She knew then spinning would always be a part of her workout routine! Now with only a few short months away from her son graduating from high school and Paula earning a doctorate in education, she is ready to give back to others what she's gained as a My Ride customer--good health, motivation, and self-determination. Her dissertation research on persistence has taught her anyone can persevere through challenges when provided the right environment to do so, and Paula knows My Ride is that place!

Outside the studio, Paula is a Performance Improvement Specialist for the Coast Guard, enjoys traveling, and is preparing her high school senior for the real world.


Cycling Instructor

Randy enjoys long walks on the beach and cuddling with puppies. Rumor has it he's also great at karaoke.


Cycling Instructor

Richard has been a part of the Fitness industry since his teenage years. He found a passion for spinning in 2006 when he relocated from NYC to Virginia. Richard has his certification in indoor Cycling with ASFA. His self motivation and enthusiasm combined with his musical selections will assure that you will be enjoying a cardio party during your ride. Whether you are a beginner, a spin warrior or somewhere in between,
He will motivate and inspire you lose yourself in the music and discover your inner strength. Expect high fives following Richard's kick-ass workout!

And yes, he still enjoys long walks on the beach and puppies.

Roberto M

Cycling Instructor

Roberto began cycling as an alternative to running. He loves the energy at MY Ride, the excitement in each class, and the members pushing each other to success. Roberto can be nerdy or goofy, but mostly he loves to make people smile and gain a confidence boost. Roberto’s class is energetic and fun, like a party on a bicycle! You’ll find yourself doing touchbacks and combos to the beat of almost any type of music. He loves member feedback and to incorporate song suggestions into his playlists. Roberto is ASFA certified and has been instructing since April 2015.

When not at the studio, Roberto is a paintless dent repair technician. He enjoys spending time with his family, spontaneously surprising his daughter with fun things to do. He loves getting outdoors, going to amusement parks and the beach, and eating his favorite food- pizza.



Personal Trainer

Yohanna is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist that describes herself as a lovable drill sergeant. She has been with MY Ride for two years as a Personal Trainer and loves working with people from different age groups and fitness levels.
During a training session, you can expect to use body weight movements; Yohanna believes everything starts there and is a good base for exercise progressions. She seeks to help her clients maximize their potential through proper exercise techniques using the different modalities of training.
Yohanna has always been active, even as a child, playing outdoors, volleyball, and basketball. Her love for fitness continued in the Army where she led command physical training (group pt), first as a squad leader and then as a supervisor. When not at MY Ride, you can find Yohanna working as a Fitness Instructor at Rockwell Hall Gym in JEB Little Creek.
Her hips don’t lie--- meaning although she has Colombian roots, she can’t dance! Yohanna enjoys bird and turtle watching, going for long walks with her husband, and long-distance running. Her personal goal is to best her personal record at the Virginia Beach Rock-N-Roll half marathon and to improve her pull-ups!


  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • Exercise is Medicine credential
  • USA Weightlifting Certification
  • TRX Functional Fitness certified
  • Rip Trainer certified
  • BSD in Physical Education with Exercise Science emphasis