MY Team

Mike Yaba, Owner
Cycling Instructor, Personal Trainer

Mike was overweight and needed to change his lifestyle. He took his first cycling class in 2009 and instantly started to see results. Cycling helped him shed the pounds and motivated him to work harder. He enjoyed the classes so much that he knew he wanted to instruct and share his own personal weight loss success story by motivating others by example. Cycling not only changed his life but took him to a new career in fitness. Mike loves the feeling you get after a great class, heart pumping, the energy is soaring, everyone is so happy. He loves watching every single member get results because of MY Ride.
Mike is the owner MY Ride and describes his class style as being full of high energy; motivational, deep inside your mind and soul kind of workout. His favorite moves are sprints, tap backs and hovers. He likes to play and jam to dance & club in his classes.

Mike has various certifications:

  • Mad Dogg Athletics Cycling Certification
  • The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Personal Trainer Certification
  • Schwinn Cycling Classic Instructor Certification
  • Pound Pro Certification

Mike opened MY Ride in January 2014. Prior to that, he received his MAD Dogg cycling certification in 2009 and started instructing at a local gym. He was promoted to Manager but still taught cycling classes and continued personal training. A few years later, Mike was recruited to help two investors open a specialized indoor cycling facility. He managed, trained instructors and instructed numerous classes weekly. A year and half later, Mike opened his own indoor cycling and fitness studio. His idea was to offer more options for members such as different types of cycling classes, various cycling levels, as well as fitness programs such as MY Circuit and personal training to accompany indoor cycling. What MY Ride offers is not only an indoor cycling facility but an all-around group fitness under one roof. Mike's personal fitness goals are to allow each member to reset their mind about fitness. To help motivate members to achieve the results that they cannot achieve on their own. To help them plan a moderately-intense full body program to slowly, and progressively get them into enjoying their workouts and seeing the results from their hard work. His philosophy is simple: Be In It For the Long Run! Never Quit! Realize that fitness should be a lifetime commitment with ever-changing goals and expectations.

By the way...don't tell anyone but he loves pizza!!!

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