MY Etiquette

Rule #1. Arrive early.

We get that life happens, but we want to help you avoid "no show" fees and make sure everyone gets to ride. Our classes are consistently filled to the brim and waitlisted. Our waitlisted members show up and patiently wait for a chance to jump on a bike. As posted, if you are not on your reserved bike 5 minutes before class time, your spot will be given to the next person on our waitlist. If you're riding with a friend, be a good friend and make sure they show up 5 minutes prior to class too, as we cannot hold that bike for them and it will be given to someone waiting. Your passion for my ride rocks!

Rule #2. Check in.

When arriving to class, please check in with the front desk. For the safety of our members and to maintain an effective waitlist procedure, we need to know who is in our studio. For those super rockstars who bring their own shoes and water, please give our front desk staff a "hello" when you arrive so that we can get you checked in.

Rule #3. Account balance.

We know that you are sometimes in a hurry and have carved out exactly 45 minutes to jump on a bike! With that said, please check in on your account balance from time to time. Our friendly front desk staff can make sure that you have an active credit card on file, funds on your account for waters and get you signed up for packages so that you can get you in and out at your pace.

Rule #4. Parking.

We must admit we are humbled by the idea that there are so many my ride rockstars that we literally fill the parking lot to capacity on a regular basis! That being said, we have to respect our neighbors and not encroach on their business. Please obey any reserved parking sign and/or special event parking closures. And we thank you for being so understanding with this matter.

Rule #5. Cell phones + fitbits + fitness tracking devices.

You may not know, but any light while class is in progress is very distracting to our instructors and can even pose a danger to them. Because the room is dark, the smallest amount of light seems even bigger. If you wear a fitness tracker please dim the light on them. We also ask that you do not bring your cell phones into class, as these give off light and can obviously also be distracting to your fellow riders.

Rule #6. Can i get woot woot! No chatter.

We love it when you hoot and holla, but please keep chitchat and conversations to before and after class. We always have new riders in class and we want them to be able to hear the direction given by instructors and not create distractions for fellow riders.